About Our Ministries

Ministry is an integral part of the church.  It is necessary and vital for a church to be able to minister to people in many different ways.

During our service times we have nursery, children’s ministry, & youth ministry (Wednesday Nights).

Ministry to our community includes; Fast Food Ministry (Community Food Band), Prison Ministry, Operation Feed A Child, & Tri-County Christian School.

We also have many other ministries that meet at various time and places which include; Princess Warrior’s Dance Group , Marriage/Couples, Watchmen Men’s Group, Mom’s Meeting, Intercessory Prayer, Men’s Tuesday Morning Prayer (Spruce Pine), Men’s Thursday Morning Prayer (Bakersville) &  CrossTheBridge Music.

We believe that ministry that happens in and out of our church should be lead by the Holy Spirit and produce fruit.  Our hope is to see this type of ministry continue to grow and flourish.  To find out more about a specific ministry mouse over the ministries tab to see an available list.