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As stated on the home page, we have a mission!  It’s a big mission.  In order to carry out this mission we have developed seven main points of vision that we believe will help us to make our mission a success.

Vision Statement


Main Points

  • To Be A House Of Prayer For This And Every Nation – Isa. 56:7
  • To Be A Place Of Powerful Worship To Our God – 2 Ch. 5:13
  • To Be A Clinic Where Heavy Burdens Are Lifted And Lives Are Restored – Isa. 58: 6-12
  • To Be A Center Of Outreach & Evangelism – Luke 14: 12-14, 23, 19:10; Acts 10:38
  • To Be An Equipping & Sending Stations – Eph. 4:12; Matt. 9:36-38; Acts 1:8
  • To Be A Rallying Point For The Body Of Christ – Ps. 133; Jn. 17:21
  • To Be An Emergency Shelter In Times Of Trouble – Isa. 4:6